Luxury Brand - Who We Are

Professionalism and seriousness in every sale

Professionalism and seriousness in every sale

We have always worked with the utmost seriousness and competence to guarantee our customers transparency, traceability, safety in every sale both to buy or to sell your watch, in this case in addition to providing a professional evaluation of your watch. we make the payment of the agreed amount through Immediate Bank Transfer with instant credit of the ammount on the your account.

The Our history

LUXURY BRAND was born from the experience and passion gained by the partners in the trade in exclusive goods, works of art and watches, from the entrepreneurial experience inherited from their families in over 3 generations. The idea to extend to the public in a unique, with the most important Watches Shops present
in Europe , has made it possible to create a group of work and a company with offices open to the public by appointment, unique in the ability to make real your dreams of buying Luxury Watches, often made difficult by the long waiting lists of the official channels and by the difficulty of finding parallel markets for second-hand models

Watches and brands treated

Thanks to our network of relationships developed through years of reliable collaboration with the major sellers and the most renowned European watch shops, models.

Why buying a luxury watch is good deal

The haute horlogerie segment today represents a sector of extreme interest, not only for enthusiasts (private and collectors) but also for anyone who approaches this world with a more specifically economic and capital protection motivation. The (very high) request, the Rarity character of some models desired by manufacturing companies (ROLEX for example) and very long waiting lists for purchases from dealers, are just some of the most reassuring evidence in this sense.